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Leaning out isn't a walk in the park, otherwise everyone would have a six-pack, right?

Everyone says abs are made in the kitchen so you've upped your protein intake and might have cut down on carbs or fats. Over countless meals, your diet may seem repetitive and that's where Mr. Spice comes in.

You'll find plenty of flavor to spice up your typical meal while maintaining your macros thanks to our low cal, low carb, and fat-free sauces.

Find out how Mr. Spice can be your workout partner in the kitchen and check out all 9 of our flavors!

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But wait, there's more...

On top of our bold fat free and low carb awesomeness, you'd probably like to know that all of our sauces are also:




just to name a few. In fact, there's a lot more! Click the link below to see the entire list: