Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long will my bottle of Mr. Spice last?

If you can resist finishing the whole bottle in one sitting, our sauces have a shelf life of 36 months. Make sure to refrigerate after opening!

+ Where do I find the expiration date?

If you’ve ever wondered what that number on the shoulder of our bottle is, it is called a Julian Date and understanding it is a breeze!

• The first two digits specify the year (“18177” = 2018)

• The last three digits specify the day of the year (“18177” = June 26)

• These five digits in total will tell you the exact manufacturing date (“18177” = June 26, 2018)

• Add 3 years to that date, and you’ve got yourself an expiration date!

+ How do you ship your sauces?

We ship our sauces via UPS.

+ Are the flavors spicy?

The nine flavors run the gamut from spicy to mild. Here is a more specific breakdown

Spicy Flavors: Tangy Bang, Hot Wing

Moderately Spicy flavors: Indian Curry, Garlic Steak, Honey BBQ, Thai Peanut

Sweet or Savory flavors (not spicy): Ginger Stir Fry, Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour

+ Where can I buy Mr. Spice sauces?

You can purchase Mr. Spice sauces:

Via Amazon - Visit our product page and order directly on Amazon

Via online - see SHOP section

Via phone - just call 1-800-SAUCE-IT (728-2348)

Canada - At varying retail locations listed below. Please call in advance for availability.







+ Do I get a discount for buying more than 1 bottle?

Absolutely! Check out the top of the SHOP page to see Dave's Deals!