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About us

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At Mr. Spice, our philosophy is simple:  no one should have to sacrifice great taste in order to stay healthy – even those on restricted diets.

Mr. Spice makes gourmet, healthy sauces that are all natural and packed with flavor. Every Mr. Spice product is sodium free or low in sodium,  gluten-free, and organic... but if you read our labels you’ll see there are lots of other health benefits as well.

Most other companies make products healthy by taking out the good tasting stuff. At Mr. Spice, we use only the good stuff from the beginning: only the best ingredients from the get go to make our products so full of flavor that you don't even notice you're eating healthy. That means staying on your diet – and staying healthy – just became a whole lot easier.

All nine Mr. Spice® sauces have won blue ribbons in the prestigious American Royal International Sauce Contest in Kansas City, MO.

This is not a contest just for special diets; Mr. Spice sauces were judged against a slew of contenders, mostly full of fat, salt, and sugar...and we came out on top.

Entries travel from across the country and around the world to compete for the title of "Best Sauce on the Planet" in the  Annual American Royal World Series of Barbecue® Sauce Contest. A group of Certified Barbecue Judges assemble at the American Royal to participate in a blind tasting.

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Our founding

David Lang, Mr. Spice himself, was The founder of Mr. Spice Healthy Foods. Dave was raised on two things that added up to a recipe for success: condiments and family business.

During his childhood, David’s family ate out in restaurants and he was known to ask for a variety of different sauces to try with his meal. He turned burgers and potatoes into art projects of sauces and spices. At home, he raided the cabinets in search of unusual sauces, spices, and ingredients to spice up his food.

In 1983, David took a break from his university studies and headed into the mountains of the western USA to get a Master’s certificate in Herbalism. And it was then, when his penchant for tasty food fused with an intricate knowledge of the benefits and healthy potential of herbs, spices and vegetables, that the seed of his vision was born. David would fuse true health with true flavor through the use of carefully selected, top quality ingredients. Spice is life, in other words!

For over 22 years, David and his team have been committed to those founding values, and all Mr. Spice healthy food products must offer real health and terrific flavor, or they never make it into the bottle.