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JUNE 2019

This segment is meant to inspire those who are on their own healthy diet or lifestyle journeys. For some people, diets and lifestyles are not by choice, and this can be very limiting. For others, it is a struggle to stick with a commitment they have made to change their old habits and better themselves. Whether by choice or not, at Mr. Spice we want to make sure a lack of flavor isn’t the reason for giving up on a certain diet.

We hope these stories from others who share the same journeys and struggles provide some motivation to keep striving toward your own goals.


This Month’s Story

From Heidi F.


tell us about your diet and health routine.

“I follow a salt free and plant-based diet.”

Why do you follow this diet or health routine?

“I have been following this diet since I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome 2 years ago.”

what makes sticking to this diet or health routine easier?

“My family and close friends are very supportive. They are aware of what foods I can and can’t eat. This helps me stay on track!”

What are the most difficult obstacles that you face?

“Eating out is always a challenge. Avoiding salt is the most difficult, most restaurants do not take it seriously.”

how has this affected your lifestyle?

“Since it’s hard for me to eat out and enjoy prepared food, I’ve had to start cooking for myself nearly every day. I’ve since realized that cooking is something that I really enjoy so much.”

- Heidi Ferkranus


Would you like to be featured?

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If you would like your healthy diet and/or lifestyle story to be featured in one of our newsletters, please email us at answering the following questions:

  • Were these personal choices or due to specific circumstances?

  • What made you want to start these habits?

  • How did you go about doing it?

  • What were the obstacles that you faced during the process?

  • In what ways has this decision affected your life?

  • Has Mr. Spice helped in an way?

We’ll even send a couple of bottles of sauce your way in exchange for allowing us to feature your story. Please contact us ( with any questions!

Thanks for reading!

- The Mr. Spice Team